Use images to identify your expensive tools and equipment

Main Form

The tool list showing the image tool (in red)

Image system

The image form showing multi image panel


The system can show the images/documents directly in the application with a double click

Mixed in amongst all the tools that you have in your tool store are quite a number of items that are worth considerable amounts of money. While you probably wouldn’t want to store images for the smaller items you might have a different idea about expensive electronic equipment or items like excavators etc or other expensive items.

This functionality is easily available in the Tool Tracker system available from RGA, a major supplier of tool tracking systems in Australia. The system allows you to easily attach multiple numbers of images or other documents to any tool in your system.

Adding items to the tracking system is quite easy. You simply open the equipment list, find the item and click the red marker in the right of the tool panel.

A simple double click on the item causes the software to seek out the appropriate application required to displayed, open this software and presented on the user’s screen. This mode of operation allows the user to insert any form of document such as pdf, jpg, or any other style allowing the facility to use it for images, calibration documents or virtually anything else. Firther more any numbers of such documents can be attached to any tool/equipment in the tool tracker system.