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For all users

Information about this download – Please read

What will be installed?

This download will facilitate the installation of a single software product – ToolTrakka V7 as described in complete detail in this web site. No other product such as bundled software or promotional material or any other unwanted material will, or can be, installed as a result of downloading and, or installing this product.

Changes to your computer

When you run the installer the ToolTrakka software will be installed in a standard Windows location. Subsequently ToolTrakka will create data files and configuration information in the standard location recommended by Microsoft (on Windows 7,8 or 10+ this is c:\Program Files\ProgramData). No other changes will be made to your computer.

Your Privacy

We respect your privacy and warrant that the software product that you install subsequent to activating this download will not collect or transmit to us or any other party any personal or computer information extracted from your computer.

Conditions associated with the installation of this product

Use of the downloaded software is subject to the end user licence agreement (EULA). This agreement can be viewed here

Licencing ToolTrakka

To convert the trial version of ToolTrakka into a fully licenced version you need to place an order and/or pay for it and we will issue a release code which will remove the 30 day restriction and you are off and running

Installing ToolTrakka

ToolTrakka will run on Windows 7, 8 8.1, 10 (Please contact us for any other operating system)
  • Log on to this computer as an administrator. You MUST be loged in as an Administrator to do this install.
  • First you need to install Crystal Reports runtime module. To do this click here.
  • This may take some time and you will be required to accept the Crystal Report License agreement during the process.
  • Once Christal Reports is installed go to the 'download Zip File' block up on the top right and click it to extract the item in it.
  • Once this is done double click the file called 'ToolTrakka Setup.msi'.
  • This will install ToolTrakka and will be quite quick.
There should now be two program items on your desktop and the installer will also place items on your ‘Start’ Menu.

Now you must run ToolTrakka V7 Once - The standard installation process does not configure program defaults for your data files and a few other things. For this process to occur you must run ToolTrakka V7 once before you do anything else. To do this simply double click on the main ToolTrakka V7 desktop icon.

ToolTrakka will launch and perform all the necessary configurations for you. This will be completely silent and you will be unaware of this process. Once this is done close ToolTrakka to lock in the changes.

You can now insert your release code if you have one. To do this go to 'Help' 'Register' and follow the instructions (Please note that you must stil be in 'Administrator' settings to do this). Once that this is done you should get out of 'Administrator' mode and login as a normal user. Now you can begin working with ToolTrakka V7.

To get started we suggest that you download our ToolTrakka Start Up Guide. You can download this document here

What if something goes wrong during the installation?
If this occurs we suggest you download our installation guide that provides more information. Download it here

Other Downloads

Crystal Reports Runtime Download

What will be installed?

This download includes the runtime package for Crystal Reports as described by our bulletin 'Instructions to re-install the Crystal Reports runtime'– The Crystal Reports package is the only thing that will be downloaded other than our software. No other product such as bundled software or promotional material or any other unwanted material will, or can be, installed as a result of downloading and, or installing this product.

Download for users who have permissions to download executables

Crystal Reports Runtime MSI

Download for users who do not have permissions to download executables - you will need to able to un-zip this download to install it. If you don't know how to do this please contact your IT support for assistance

Crystal Reports Runtime ZIP

Uninstalling this software

Removing ToolTrakka from your computer, should ever have to, can be achieved via a simple single three step process detailed here…

  • 1. If you have moved your data file to a file server (as recommended) use Windows Explorer to navigate to the folder where you placed the data file, right click the folder and click ‘DELETE’ in the menu that pops up (you will probably have to confirm this action). This removes all the ToolTrakka data from your computer. If you did not move your data file from the default location it will be removed in step 2 below.
  • 2. Use Windows Explorer and navigate to c:\ProgramData. In the list of folders displayed look for the folder called ‘RGA’ (the folders are in alphabetical order). When you have found this folder right click it and then select ‘DELETE’ from the menu that pops up (you will probably have to confirm this action). This removes all licencing, configuration information and any other data files from your computer
  • 3. Start Windows Control Panel. In the ‘View By’ dropdown (top right) choose ‘Category’. Now click ‘Programs’ then ‘Programs and Features’. Windows will create a list of all programs on your computer. Scroll down the list until you find the entry ‘ToolTrakka V7’ right click this entry and select ‘Uninstall’. Windows will remove the program, all short cuts and menu items related to it.

Once you have completed these three steps all trace of ToolTrakka software and anything associated with the software will have been be completely removed from your computer. As ToolTrakka does not make any changes to any other settings on your computer no further actions are required.

Trialing ToolTrakka

You can download the ToolTrakka software package from this page. This is a full working version of ToolTrakka but it will time out after 30 days from the date you install it. This download includes both a user version and a 'practice' version. The practice version is populated with sample data. This make it ideal for evaluating the product as you do not have to spend time setting it up with base data.

Because this download can be converted to a fully licenced version it means that you can begin entering your data before your purchasing process is complete and thus before you receive a relaease code from us. Any data you have entered will survive the registration process

Other prereculates

In install these prereculates are expected to be alreade available on you computer by default. If you get a message that any of these items are needed the installers are hear.

Dot Net Framework

Microsoft Installer