A more complete overview of ToolTrakka tool tracking software

Barcode Reader

Z-2121 Barcode Reader

Rugged Barcode

Rugged Barcodes for outdoor environments


Easily attached to all tools and equipment

Track Tools and Equipment

ToolTrakka tracks the whereabouts of all your expensive tools and equipment. You can find the location of any item instantly. Powerful reporting allows you to audit your emplyees and jobs regularly and check off all items as they are returned by departing employees.

Issue and Return Consumables

ToolTrakka allows you to manage your inventory of, and issue, consumable items. You can simply set up your consumables and scan them out to employees, jobs, into containers or to contractors. At any time you can then print reports to define the cost of consumables consumed by the location.

Easy to Use

ToolTrakka uses an intelligent algorithm to make issuing tools and equipment as easy and fast as posible. Simply select an item and select the employee/job/container/contractor and TookTrakka issues the item. To return the item simply click the 'Return to Store' button. To transfer an item from one employee/job/container/contractor to another simply select the employee/job/container/contractor that is to receive the item. Since ToolTrakka knows that the first destination has the item it can deduce that you are transferring the item to the second location and enters the transaction correctly. This makes entering transactions either by barcode scan or manually incredibly fast and easy.

Multiple Tool Store operation

ToolTrakka can be configured to manage multiple tool stores. The standard system can handle one, two or three tool stores on a single site. Add our SQL Server upgrade and the sky is the limit.

With the optional SQL Server back end you can configure ToolTrakka to service multiple tool stores over a wide area network. All tool stores can be serviced from a single data centre, either your own or via the 'Cloud'.

Once all your tool stores are managed by a single ToolTrakka back end it is then possible to report globally, query any tool store to find unusual items and transfer items from one tool store to another.


ToolTrakka offers a range of reports and on-line queries that allow you to do the following...

  • Print lists of tools and equipment currently issued to any employee or any job, container, subcontractor
  • Print charge out totals for equipment issued to jobs for costing purposes
  • Print barcodes for employees, jobs, containers, contractors, equipment or consumables
  • Print Clothing/PPE issues
  • Print equipment due for maintenance or calibration
  • Print lists of small hand tools issued
and a host of others...

Barcoding Features

ToolTrakka's barcode functionality allows simple 'scan and go' issuing and retrieval of tools and equipment and consumables. Our barcode reader is battery operated and can be separated from the computer. It can thus be taken out to your equipment store where it can be used to scan multiple transations. You then bring it back to the computer and upload all the transactions with a click of a mouse. ToolTrakka's barcode system is the fastest way to record the movement of your tools and equipment.

Barcode Printing

ToolTrakka can print barcodes for equipment, consumables, employees, jobs, containers and for standard actions (eg remove from service, mark for sale etc) directly to your laser or inkjet printer.

ToolTrakka also has an interface for a Brother label printer Model QL-570 for convenient printing of ad hoc barcode labels.

Rugged Metal Barcodes

The barcodes we supply are manufactured from rugged stamped metal. They are thermally printed for permanence. The printing is resistant to all known solvents. The special adhesive on these barcodes is rated for thirty years. They are ideal for difficult environments such as mines and construction sites

Date and Time Recording

ToolTrakka saves the date and time of all transactions so you can monitor the length of time that items are out on jobs. You can even allocate nominal rental rates to all tools and equipment and print a report providing the rental costs of all items used on each job.

Issuing Clothing

When employees are entered into ToolTrakka you have the option of entering all their clothing sizes. Once ToolTrakka knows everyone's clothing size it allows you to manage your clothing purchases. You can then record all clothing (or PPE safety equipment) issued to your employees.

Tool and Equipment Maintenance

Equipment can be removed from service at any time for maintenance and repair. While items are 'out of service' they cannot be issued. When the item is repaired or calibrated (or whatever) you can enter the details and costs into ToolTrakka to keep track of expenses.

Maintenance and Calibration Scheduling

You can enter maintenance or calibration scheduling dates into ToolTrakka and ToolTrakka will remind you when such events are due.

Test and tag Scheduling

You set up test and tag scheduling dates in ToolTrakka and ToolTrakka will remind you when such events are due. In addition ToolTrakka can print a complete list of all items due for test and tagging.

Attach documents to items

ToolTrakka allows you to attach documents and/or images to any item. This allows you to have ready access to item images, maintenance documentation and calibration data etc. You can attach any number of documents to any item and to view them directly from within ToolTrakka.

For a complete PDF overview of all the facilities in ToolTrakka please click here