Welcome to ToolTrakka Version 7


If you issue tools or equipment of any sort to your employees its a cinch that you have a problem. Keeping track of everything is probably a nightmare. Finding specific items is a trial and the cost of loss and outright theft is almost sure to be out of control.

ToolTrakka is the easy solution to these problems. It is tool tracking software partnered with a barcoding facility that allows you to track your valuable small assets.

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  • Easy to use software and hardware solution to tracking your tools and equipment
  • Issue and return of items is quick and simple
  • Can track any type of item (tools, equipment, PCs, mobiles, projectors and any thing else you wish)
  • Rugged barcodes designed for outdoor environments
  • Issue items to employees, jobs, locations or to third parties.
  • Container facility for multiple item management.
  • Multi-user, network or single user system
  • Can also track consumables and employee clothing, PPE equipment etc
  • comprehensive search functions
  • Wide range of reporting capability
  • Test and Tag management
  • Maintenance, calibration and repair management of all equipment

Version 7

Latest News

The latest version of ToolTrakka V7.0.0.42 is available here...

For existing users of ToolTrakka v6 you can choose to upgrade at special pricing or to stay with the version you have if it is doing everything that you need.

If you do choose to upgrade you must be running V6.22 for your data to upgrade to the V7 data structures correctly. If you are not running V6.22 you can download the free upgrade here... or a complete install here...

You will also need to download the 'ToolTrakka V7 data upgrade. Get it here here...

For upgrade pricing from V6 to V7 please contact us.

For those users that have a problem installing the barcode reader you can download a zipped up driver file. Click here...